Those who want to do business in Thailand must need to obtain a business visa along with a work permit.

Coming as a tourist, you are not permitted to work here legally.

The company formation has two stages, these are
1. Check the List of documents
2. Application process

Check the List of documents 
1) Company’s Name: Please give us a few options
2) Company Address Registration: We shall provide / The client can arrange
3) Registered Capital: 2 Million Baht
4) Cop of Passport and NID: Please provide a proper scan copy with your signature
5) Copy of ID card of Thai Shareholder: We will arrange or The client can arrange
6) The Bank Letter of Share Holder: We will provide
Application process

After you provide the docs we will do the following work:

1) Reserve the company Name
2) Prepare the Application form for DBD
3) Register a Thai Company Limited with DBD
4) Translation of Thai company into English
5) VAT Registration will be done
6) Social Security Registration with four employees will be done
7) Open a Bank Account: Will be done once you are in Thailand
8) Applying for Work Permit with Labor Department and you will obtain a one-year work permit
9) Extend your Three months Non-B to One-year Non-B after the Work Permit is done

Please take note that The company address registration needs to be changed after you receive one year Visa as we initially supporting you with an address for some cases

You don’t have to pay any salary to your Thai Employees but you just need to pay them social security of 750 baht per month as per Thai Law

Our Fee:
The fee can vary from 295,000 Baht to 325,000 Baht (depending on the types of businesses and location)

For more details please contact us: WhatsApp +66957200530 (EN/BN)