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Welcome to Triumph Property, the best Thai retirement visa agency for hassle-free retirement visa solutions – your gateway to a serene retirement in the Land of Smiles. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled expertise and personalized service to facilitate your seamless transition to Thailand. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth application process, guiding you every step of the way. Trust us to navigate the complexities of Thai retirement visas, offering tailored solutions for your unique needs. Experience the epitome of professionalism and efficiency with the best Thai retirement visa agency – your trusted partner for a vibrant and fulfilling retirement journey.

best Thai retirement visa agency

What is Thai Retirement Visa?

Thailand’s retirement age is flexible, allowing individuals to retire at their preferred time. Embark on your retirement journey with the assurance and convenience that the Thai retirement visa brings, offering a gateway to a serene and enduring stay in the Kingdom.

Eligibility Requirements for Extending Stay Based on Retirement in Thailand

Navigating the intricacies of a retirement visa extension demands adherence to precise qualifications. As these criteria may evolve over time, our commitment is to keep you informed about any changes in retirement visa extension requirements in Thailand.

Age Requirement

A fundamental criterion necessitates the applicant to be 50 years of age or older, underlining the retirement nature of the visa extension.

Visa Type

Ideally, applicants should secure a Non-Immigrant type 'O' or 'O-A' Visa from a Thai Embassy, setting the foundation for a streamlined extension process. Understanding the new non-O retirement visa Thailand requirements is crucial for a smooth application process.

Application Process

Successful applicants must meticulously complete the TM7 extension application form, accompanied by essential documents such as passport pages, TM6, proof of residence, and evidence of meeting the financial prerequisites.

Health Insurance (Non-O-A Holders)

Exclusively for Non-O-A holders, a Thai-approved Health Insurance policy covering a minimum of 400,000 BHT for inpatient and 40,000 BHT for outpatient treatment is mandatory for a seamless extension of stay.

Note: These eligibility criteria are subject to change, and we commit to keeping you informed of any updates, ensuring a transparent and informed application process.

Important Considerations Before Applying for Retirement Visa

Extension Renewals

Annual extension renewals allow individuals to prolong their stay in Thailand. Compliance with financial requirements set by Immigration is imperative for successful renewal. Meeting these criteria annually is essential for the continuous extension of stay.

90-Day Reporting

Those enjoying a one-year extension of stay must adhere to the 90-day reporting obligation. This involves submitting a report to the local Immigration office, confirming the current place of residence. The reporting can be conveniently done online, by mail, or in person. Leaving and re-entering the country during the extension validity triggers the next 90-day report requirement.

Re-Entry Permit

It's crucial to understand that the extension of stay is a permit, not a visa, and it does not authorize exit and re-entry without a re-entry permit. Single and multiple re-entry permits are available, safeguarding the granted permission until the extension's expiry. Failure to obtain a re-entry permit upon leaving prematurely terminates the permission to stay.

Financial Requirements

Compliance with financial prerequisites is essential. Applicants must either maintain funds of 800,000 baht deposited in a Thai bank for two months before the extension application date, demonstrate a monthly income of 65,000 baht transferred from overseas, or provide a combination of both. Alternatively, a letter of income from the Embassy in Thailand confirming adherence to the 65,000 baht monthly requirement is acceptable. These financial criteria ensure a robust financial foundation throughout the extension period.

Why Apply For a Retirement Visa Through The Triumph Property?

Choosing Triumph Property for your retirement visa Thailand application ensures a seamless and efficient process, tailored to meet the unique needs of retirees seeking to make Thailand their home. Trust the expertise of the best Thai retirement visa agency for a stress-free and tailored experience. Here's why you should entrust us with your retirement visa:


Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in navigating the intricacies of the retirement visa application process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations.

Personalized Assistance

Receive dedicated, personalized assistance throughout the application journey. Our team is committed to guiding you at every step, addressing queries, and providing clarity on requirements.

Transparent Process

At Triumph Property, transparency is paramount. Experience a clear and straightforward application process, with regular updates on the status of your retirement visa.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that every retiree's situation is unique. Our services are designed to offer customized solutions, taking into account your specific circumstances and preferences. As the best Thai retirement visa agency, we prioritize a personalized approach to meet your needs seamlessly.

Efficiency and Timeliness

Expect a timely and efficient application process with the best Thai retirement visa agency, minimizing any potential delays. Our commitment to prompt service ensures a hassle-free experience as you embark on your retirement journey in Thailand with confidence.

What We Do as The Best Thai Retirement Visa Agency

Passport Collection

Whether you're already in Thailand as a tourist or need assistance obtaining a tourist visa, we simplify the process. Our team ensures a hassle-free passport collection, a vital first step in realizing your retirement plans.

Photo and Signature Precision

Detail matters. We collect two copies of your photos, accompanied by your signature, ensuring meticulous preparation for your visa application.

Tourist to Non-O Conversion

Within an impressive 25 days, we seamlessly convert your tourist status to Non-O, facilitating a smooth transition to a Three-Month+ Twelve-Month Retirement Visa.

Our services are designed to make your retirement visa application process efficient and stress-free. Trust Triumph Property for a smooth journey as you step into the next chapter of your life in the enchanting landscapes of Thailand, making us the best Thai retirement visa agency for your needs.

Retirement Visa Application Process

The application process for the Thai retirement visa offers flexibility, allowing submission either in your country of residency or directly in Thailand. For a seamless experience, adhere to the following steps:

Important Considerations Before Applying for Retirement Visa

Application for Non-Immigrant O Visa and Extension in Thailand

Enter as a Tourist and Apply for Non-Immigrant O Visa and Extension in Thailand

Navigate your retirement visa application with the best Thai retirement visa agency, paving the way for a fulfilling retirement experience in the vibrant culture of Thailand.

Our Offerings For Thai Retirement Visa

Unlock your hassle-free retirement journey with our transparent and competitive service fees tailored to your specific circumstances:

Initial Application

Yearly Renewal Fee

Please note: that fees may vary based on nationality and specific case conditions. As the best Thai retirement visa agency, Our commitment is to provide clarity and flexibility to meet your unique retirement visa requirements. Contact us for a detailed consultation tailored to your needs.

Available Visa Types in Thailand

Here are various visa options available in Thailand for extended stays, catering to diverse requirements such as retirement, employment, business ventures, educational pursuits, residing with a Thai family or spouse, and other long-term residency needs.

Thai Work Visa

Tailored for professionals and entrepreneurs, the Non-Immigrant B Visas are intended explicitly for foreign nationals aiming to engage in employment, business establishment, or investment activities in Thailand. Local Immigration authorities facilitate the process of annual extensions for the initially approved duration of stay granted upon entry. It is crucial for individuals, whether employed or embarking on entrepreneurial ventures, to secure appropriate work permits to comply with legal employment regulations within Thailand.

A range of entry options are available for those planning short-term visits to Thailand. In certain circumstances, extending the duration of the granted stay may be feasible by engaging with local Immigration authorities.

Thai Family/Spouse Visa

Individuals intending to reside in Thailand due to marriage with a Thai citizen or to live with Thai children are advised to commence their process by applying for a Non-Immigrant O-type Visa. This visa, which can be either a single or multiple entry, should be obtained from the Thai Embassy before arrival in Thailand. Following the entry into the country, applicants may pursue annual extensions of their stay authorization through the local Immigration offices.

Study Visa

Individuals aspiring to undertake academic endeavors, participate in projects, seminars, internships, or enroll in training programs in Thailand must first obtain a Non-Immigrant Education Visa from the Thai Embassy. Subsequently, local Immigration offices can extend the initial 90-day period of stay authorized upon entry. This procedure ensures a compliant and uninterrupted residency in Thailand, thereby enabling the pursuit of educational and professional objectives in a legal and organized manner.

Thailand Elite Visa

Introducing the Thailand Elite Visa, designed for individuals seeking long-term residency options in Thailand, with choices ranging from 5, 10, or 20 years. This visa program offers numerous advantages, particularly appealing to investors and frequent business travelers. Suppose you make multiple visits to Thailand annually and are looking for a visa that aligns with your extended stay needs. In that case, the Thailand Elite Visa is the optimal solution. Explore the benefits of this Visa, tailored to accommodate the lifestyle of investors and business professionals, providing a convenient and extended stay in Thailand’s vibrant and welcoming environment.

Business Visa

The Thailand Business Visa is specifically tailored for international entrepreneurs and investors aiming to engage in business ventures within Thailand. Applicants must submit pertinent business-related documents, evidence of financial solvency, and a comprehensive business plan. This visa category facilitates an extended duration of stay, thereby promoting economic partnerships and enriching the dynamic business landscape of Thailand. Our specialized services offer professional guidance in obtaining the Thailand Business Visa, enabling you to quickly and efficiently navigate business prospects in Thailand.

In conclusion, entrust your retirement visa journey to the expertise of the best Thai retirement visa agency. Our commitment to professionalism, personalized service, and transparent processes ensures a seamless experience for those seeking to make Thailand their retirement haven. With the best Thai retirement visa agency, embark on this new chapter with confidence, knowing that your needs are our priority. Let us guide you through the intricacies of the application process, making your transition to the Land of Smiles smooth and stress-free. Choose excellence, choose the best Thai retirement visa agency for a vibrant and fulfilling retirement adventure.


Applicants need to show a monthly income or maintain a specific bank deposit.

The initial visa is valid for one year.

Yes, it can be extended annually as long as the financial requirements are met.

Health insurance covering at least 40,000 THB outpatient and 400,000 THB inpatient annually is mandatory.

Yes, retirees can own property in Thailand.

There’s no minimum stay requirement, but yearly reporting to Immigration is mandatory.

Yes, dependent family members can be included in the application.

Yes, it is possible to convert certain visas to a Retirement Visa within Thailand.

Yes, most banks allow Retirement Visa holders to open accounts.

Some policies are accepted, but they must meet specific criteria.

Yes, failure to report may result in fines or visa cancellation.
No, the Retirement Visa is a non-immigrant visa and doesn’t lead to permanent residency.

Processing times vary but typically take a few weeks.

Yes, retirees can engage in volunteer activities.

The Retirement Visa doesn’t permit full-time study, but short courses may be allowed.

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