Retirement Visa in Thailand

If you are 50+ years old and want to stay in Thailand long term, then Retirement visa can be the best option for you to consider.

Qualification for obtaining a Retirement Visa:

  • Age 50+
  • Have a Thai Bank Account with 800k Thai Baht in Bank ( If not, we can arrange) 
  • Have Rental Contract ( If not, we can arrange) 
  • Must have 30 days Tourist Visa in Thailand 
  • Passport Validity at least 1.5 Years 

What we do + Checklist: 

  • Collect passport once you are here as a tourist ( we can help you with to obtain a tourist visa if you need) 
  • Collect 2 copies of Photos along with your signature for visa application
  • Convert Tourist to Non O for Three months+ 12 Months Retirement visa ( Within 25 days) 


Starts from 30,000 Baht ( If you have bank account with 800k cash +lease agreement)

Starts from 95,000 Baht ( If you don’t have bank account and lease agreement)

Yearly Renew Fee:

27,000 Baht ( If have funding + Lease agreement) 

42,000 Baht ( If don’t have funding+lease agreement) 

*Fees may vary depends on nationality and condition of the cases.